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Reading program for Matthew’s Gospel during 2011 Lent – #1

Prepared by Fr. Joseph Palubeski, CR, 2011 [email protected]

Preparation exercises taken from CATHOLIC SERENDIPITY BIBLE

March 3-8 – prior to Ash Wednesday –



A. Start

> When you were a child, what did you like best about your grandparents?

> What do you know about your genealogy? What would you like to discover about it?

> If you could design a coat of arms for your family, what symbols would you choose? Why?

Read Matt. Chap 1:1-17 - If your bible has cross-references or footnotes, you might want to check them out for further insights.

B. Study

> What titles does Matthew assign to Jesus in verses 1 & 16? What is the meaning of each title?

> Whom do you recognize in this genealogy? What do you remember about each of these people?

> Which people on the list are the most significant in establishing who Jesus is?

> Why do you think some women were named when it was not the Jewish custom to include women’s names in genealogies? What do you know about these women?

> Into what three sections does Matthew divide his genealogical table? What great event climaxes each section?

> If Luke’s genealogy (Luke 3:23-38) goes back to Adam to emphasize the universality of the Gospel, What is Matthew’s point of beginning with Abraham? What does Matthew’s lineage say to Jewish readers?


C. Share

> What does it mean to you that God’s promises are trustworthy over the generations?

> At what point in your life have you most felt Jesus’ presence?


Read Matthew chap 1:18 – 2:23 – divide these verses over the remaining days

> Put yourself in Joseph’s place as you read. And/or

> Put yourself in Mary’s place as you read. And/or

> Be the candid camera observing the action.


Personal Reflection Questions after reading this section:

> Who is this Jesus that Matthew writes about?

> When do you feel most strongly that Jesus is “with” you?

> In all honesty, what difference does following Jesus make in your everyday life?

> How would you like to pray for you?


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