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Reading program for Matthew’s Gospel during 2011 Lent – #4

Prepared by Fr. Joseph Palubeski, CR, 2011 [email protected]

Preparation exercises taken from CATHOLIC SERENDIPITY BIBLE

March 20-26



A. Start

> What is the best gift you ever received from your dad?

> Have you ever been in a house threatened by a natural disaster or calamity? What happened?

Read Matthew Chap7:1 -28. If your bible has cross-references or footnotes, you might want to check them out for further insights.

B. Study

> This chapter continues to reveal the attitudes and actions “The Blessed” are to have. What connection is Jesus making between the faults we notice in others and our own problems? For those who do “see clearly,” what is the meaning of Jesus’ warning in v. 5.

> What is Jesus stressing about God in vv. 7-11? What is the guiding principle of prayer here?

> Ho does righteousness described in v. 12 differ from that of the Pharisees?

> How might v. 12 define what Jesus means by the “narrow gate”/ Why is that road less traveled?

> What are some of the “good fruits” Jesus is looking for? Is evaluating a person’s fruit contradicting the mandate not to judge (v.1)? Why?

> What was the fault of the “evildoers” (v 23)? If the ability to prophesy, drive out demons and perform miracles is not what Jesus means by doing the will of the Father, what is?

> How do the house builders reflect the people who heard Jesus? What kind of commitment is Jesus calling for here? What is the alternative?

> How would you sum up the attitudes Jesus is encouraging in this chapter? What are these required for “the Blessed”?


C. Share

> In living your life, do you tend to walk more on the broad road or the narrow road (vv13-14)? What makes the broad road tempting for you? What makes the narrow road difficult? Rewarding?

> Considering the sermon as a whole, is your foundation on solid rock? Or on sand, but with a nice view? What would you have to tear down in order to solidify that foundation? How do you need others to help you in the process?

> At this point in your life, is your pressing need to learn more or to practice what you have already learned? Why? How would you like others to pray for you to that end?

> In light of this sections seriousness, what hope do vv 7-9 give you? How about ch 5 v 3? What attribute of “The Blessed” will you ask for?



Read Matthew Chap 8:1 – 11:30 Divide these verses over the remaining days

> Put yourself in the various scenes. What do you notice about Jesus? His words? His actions?


Personal Reflection after reading this section

> What can you do to more firmly establish your house upon the “rock”?

> What is the immediate forecast for the “weather” in you life?

> What inner need do you have that you would like Jesus to heal? Pray for that healing.


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