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Reading program for Matthew’s Gospel during 2011 Lent – #6

Prepared by Fr. Joseph Palubeski, CR, 2011 [email protected]

Preparation exercises taken from CATHOLIC SERENDIPITY BIBLE

April 3-9



Read Matthew Chap 16:13-28

A. Start:

> What was one mountaintop experience in your life?

> Of all the places you call “God’s country,” which is your favorite?

Read Matthew Chap 17:1-13 - If your bible has cross-references or footnotes, you might want to check them out for further insights.

B. Study

> It’s been six days since Peter confessed Jesus as the Christ and Jesus predicted his own death. Why is that information important for what happens next? Who does Jesus invite as a witness? Why only three? Why these three?

> What does it mean to be “transfigured”?

> Why Moses? Elijah (see vv 11 & 13)?

> Why was Peer’s response inappropriate?

> What is significant in what the voice from the cloud says about Jesus? (see Exodus 24:15)

> Why does Jesus silence the disciples?


C. Share

> How did you come to realize that Jesus was the One, above all others, that you should listen to?

> How has God said to you, “This is my beloved son (or daughter), with whom I am well pleased?

Read Matthew Chap 17:14-18:35 Divide these verses over the remaining days


Personal Reflection after reading this section

> Choose one or two scenes and choose one character or crowd and enter the scene. What do you see and hear?

> What does Jesus say to your heart?

> Spend some time talking to Jesus about this.


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