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ANswering the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP)

ANCOP is the network of international organizations that supports the works for the poor of CFC. ANCOP International Bermuda was established in 2007. For more information on ANCOP and GK please visit the official site of ANCOP International Bermuda.


The ANCOP housing projects offer alternative solution to the blatant problem of poverty not just in the Philippines but in the world launched by Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic lay community, to care for poor families and survivors of natural disasters. ANCOP's vision for the Philippines and other Third World countries is a slum-free, squatter-free nation through a simple strategy of providing land for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and as a result providing dignity and peace for every individual. ANCOP works by befriending and teaching values to the poor and encouraging them to literally rebuild their houses and their resources with the aim of self-sufficiency. ANCOP is a growing multisectoral partnership with the ambitious motto of "No more slums, no more violence, no more poverty", and it continually seeks local and international partners to promote this movement. ANCOP is famous for its multicolored houses and buildings, basing it on the idea that bright colors uplift the dreary atmosphere to which the poor have become accustomed, and this uplifting fosters improvement in their lives.


Click here to view the interview with the President of ANCOP (International) Bermuda on August 26, 2009.


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