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Familiar Tune

Posted by viola on March 19, 2012 at 8:20 PM

Familiar Tune

(Original composition of Arvie Ortega)

It’s been a while that silence is playing

I can only hear, the sound of my breathing

And as I gaze around, I see white and gray

Always the same... day by day

But little do I notice, the colors of spring

Did I just see red, blue and green?

What is this sweet sound, as light as a whisper?

Did I just hear, a music playing?

I listened carefully, to the soft melody

The tune was familiar; it was not new to me

The heart picked up, the rhythm quickly

It started beating, like drums going crazy

I started singing, the lyrics alone

Hoping that this time, words won’t go wrong

Will the lines be different, from what I had before?

Will it have the same fate, a sad song?

Categories: Personal, Love