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Every Storm Will End

Posted by Lorelie Autor on October 12, 2009 at 12:14 AM

Hi Bros and Sis,


I wanted to share this article from Bro. Bo. It is a very helpful insight especially for those who have lost a lot during the recent typhoons in the Phils. (Ondoy and Pepeng). Everytime I looked at pictures of what happened , can't help but feel so helpless and sad for all our kababayans. Let us continue to pray for everyone who've lost their loved ones, lost their  properties and  those who've lost their own dignity and freedom to live a decent life. 

"Every Storm Will End


Did you suffer a loss recently?

A job? A relationship? Material things stolen from you?

Many of my friends lost many things in the recent flood.

My friends lost homes. My friends lost businesses. With tears, my auntie said, “Bo, I lost all the material things I’ve collected over the past 50 years of my life!” Some friends told me that what was most painful was loosing all their photographs—the memories of a lifetime.

Friend, I’ve got a message for you today: Believe that every storm will end. And after the storm, a new morning begins.

Remember that every loss is temporary.

If you lost a loved one, that loss is temporary. In heaven, you’ll see your beloved again and your reunion will last forever.

If you lost photographs, believe that in heaven, God will give back to you DVD copies of all the sweetest memories you’ve had in your life. (I’m not sure what video version they use up there, but I’m sure it’ll be the most modern. Perhaps it’ll be a virtual reality video!)

If you lost material things or opportunities or relationships, believe that God is creating room for something better to come your way.

How will this “better” happen?

Start being grateful.

That’s not a typo.

In the midst of your loss, be thankful.

I know you’ll complain, “Bo, there’s nothing to be thankful for! I lost half my life!”

Well, be thankful for the other half that you still have.

Don’t focus on what you lost, focus on what you still have.

You’ve got too many good things happening to you to be down!

Say this with me, “I’m too blessed to be stressed.” (Not original from me. Got it from a bumper sticker.)

Why be grateful?

Because you attract what you focus on. I’ve said that before so many times, but I’ll keep saying it until God calls me home. Because it’s so powerful.

When you become grateful, you attract more of what you’re grateful for.

Gratitude is a blessings magnet.


My Business Loss


Many years ago, I lost a lot of money in a businesses venture.

It was a big loss for me. At that time, I lost almost my entire net worth.

I was tempted to mope, to sulk, to carry a heavy burden for a long time.

Actually, I allowed myself to grieve for awhile—which was very healthy.

But I decided not to grieve for too long, or I would be stuck forever.

After some time, I declared, “God has something better for me.”

I chose to smile. I chose to look at the brighter side. I chose to believe that better businesses would come my way. In fact, I began declaring the unbelievable. I said, “I’ll earn ten times what I lost!”

Later that week, a friend asked me, “Is it true that you lost a lot of money in that business?”

I said, “Yes, I did.”

“It happens to you too, huh? And I thought people like you are exempt from these things. So why are you smiling?”

“Because I believe God is redirecting me to a better business. And I know that I’ll earn ten times what I lost.”

It was a big claim and some friends couldn’t understand why I was so relaxed.

But a few years later, what I declared happened.

I started new businesses and I began to earn ten times what I lost. What I lost—my savings for years—I earned in a few months. Today, my new businesses are multiplying. I ask myself sometimes, “What if I didn’t fail in that business? I would still be stuck in that business! I wouldn’t have the new business that I have now.”

And imagine if kept moping and sulking—would I have seen the new opportunities around me? Imagine if I kept mourning my loss—would I have had the energy to venture into something new?

Friend, don’t focus at the problems in your life.

Don’t focus on what you loss.

Instead, focus on two things: look at what you still have and look at the new things that God will give you.

And be grateful.



Where Is The Real Storm?


Typhoon Ondoy came and went.

But the real storm is not out there.

The real storm is in your mind.

Do you believe that great things will happen to you?

Imagine a party balloon.

At first, it’s bright and fat and goes up to the ceiling.

But after a few days, it becomes deflated.

It stays on the floor.

We’re like balloons.

What keeps us up is hope.

But life happens, and everyday, we leak hope.

Especially when big trials come, we surely leak out a lot of hope.

And we’re deflated.

Here’s what you need to do: You need to refill your heart with hope.

So that you can rise up again.

Dispel the storms in your mind.

It may be stormy on the outside but it shouldn’t be stormy on the inside.

The only way to dispel the storms is to be grateful for what you have today and what will happen tomorrow.

God is redirecting you to something better.

Sit up straight. Out loud, say this declaration with me…

I’m strong in the Lord. I’m blessed. I’m forgiven. I’m protected. I’m redeemed. I’m equipped. I’m anointed. Healing flows in my body. New doors will open before me. I’ll meet the right people, the right opportunities, at the right time, at the right place. I’ll regain ten times what I lost…

In Jesus name!



May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez"

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