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CFC Bermuda Celebrates 8th Anniversary

By Hanny Consolacion

Couples for Christ (CFC) Bermuda celebrated its 8th anniversary at the St. Theresa Cathedral Hall on March 15, 2009. Recently engaged Louie Cuarentas and Niña Paras were the presenters of the event. The evening was kicked off with an invocation by CFC Spiritual Director, Fr Joseph Palubeski, CR (Fr Joe). A very tasty dinner followed, prepared and served by the able hands of the Food Committee, headed by Cathy Visaya. A video presentation showed the CFC members and invited guests a glimpse of what has transpired in 2008 for CFC Bermuda. The highlights of the video presentation were the GK Concert, Christian 

Life Programs in the months of June and October, the CFC's first-ever Annual Sports fest, and the various civic activities organized and/or participated by CFC Bermuda. Everyone had a good laugh as the video entry to the SFC 2008 Conference in Canada was shown as well as the very popular and much-admired F4 Music Video remake by the SFC men.


In the CFC's continued spirit of giving and in support of the Catholic Church in Bermuda, the CFC members and guests were able to accumulate about $400 during that night and presented the same to Bishop Kurtz and Fr Joe. CFC Bermuda welcomed some distinguished guests from Canada headed by the CFC Bermuda's Country Coordinator, Brother Frank Nuguid. Brother Frank provided a redefinition of what it means to be in CFC explaining the new Mission and Vision of Couples for Christ globally and the theme for 2009 - "Forward in Christ!" Fr Joe also provided an inspiring and challenging talk in keeping the faith of existing CFC members.


The celebration showcased a number of CFC talents. Performances by Dan Morales, Marife Bacasno, Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Lorie Autor, Line Inocencio, and the Crossroads Band serenaded the night away with popular love tunes. The celebration closed with a very vibrant praise fest by all CFC members and their guests.


CFC Bermuda extends special thanks to the Program's organizers headed by Eisen Romero and Lorie Autor, and to Line's household for putting up the decors, creating an overall festive ambience for the event.


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