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CFC Bermuda Reaches 9 Years by Mary Reposo

Couples for Christ (CFC) Bermuda held its 9th Year Anniversary on March 7, 2010 at the St. Theresa Cathedral Hall. The event was hosted by Bro. Mat Piamonte and Sis. Flor Piamonte. It started with an opening remarks by the CFC Spiritual Director Fr. Joe Palubeski, followed by an opening prayer by Bishop Robert Kurtz, CR.

The celebration was filled with delectable dinner, entertaining songs by the CFC Band led by Line Inocencio, pictures slideshow, and video recap of the CFC’s 2009 activities. The CFC members, invited guests, relatives and friends welcomed Bro. Frank Nuguid, the CFC Country Coordinator 

from Canada, together with his wife, Sis. Marissa Nuguid, who came to join the special gathering. Bro. Frank gave an update on the CFC’s holistic mission to refresh the basics in strengthening our relationship with the Lord. He discussed about the life and mission of the Church through prayers, evangelization, and service to others, especially the poor. Also from CFC Canada, Bro. Gerry Raffi­­ñan and his wife Sis. Lilet Raffi­ñan introduced Christopher West’s pro-life program entitled Freedom to Love, a call to fullness of life in Christ, which will be held in Canada Christian College, Toronto, on May 8, 2010. The CFC elders from Canada conducted a Singles-only seminar called “The Love forum” a day before the Anniversary Celebration.

After the CFC elders’ talks, Sis. Lorie Autor hosted a couples game show. Three couples from the participants were chosen who were then challenged on how well they know their spouse. Bro. Mat and Sis. Flor had the most number of matched answers to the questions and event ually won the game.

Sis. Evelou Mosley, the president of ANswering the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP) International (Bermuda), also gave an ANCOP update with video recap for everyone’s awareness. She showed various pictures of the housing villages that were built for the poor in the Philippines and in Bangladesh. Then, she presented the outcome of the Gawad Kalinga’s GK Walk 2009 - a number of shelters for the homeless. In addition, she introduced the 2010 ANCOP Fund Raising Activities.

The event did not end without a praise fest. Energetic Bro. George Ferreira, a leader of Singles for Christ, led the praising that undoubtedly lifted everyone’s heart and mind to the Lord. The gathering was deemed a success with some of the ANCOP sponsors sending a congratulatory message to the CFC Bermuda Leadership.


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