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CFC Holds MTV Awards by Mary Reposo

Couples for Christ (CFC) Bermuda held its tenth anniversary on March 4, 2011, with the theme “Put on the Full Armor of God.” The event was a formal dinner held at the Berkeley Institute Cafetorium and was called an MTV (Most Talented and Vibrant servants) Awards Night, emceed by Mr. and Mrs. Jun and Rowena Gundran.

CFC’s MTV Night highlighted its most talented and vibrant servants after ten years in Bermuda. It began with an opening prayer by Bishop Robert Kurtz. The CFC members and the invited family and friends were then entertained by music videos entitled “With You in My Life” which featured Louie Cuarentas and company, followed by the “F4 of SFC Bermuda” Music Video.

The CFC Bermuda Head, Mr. Jay Autor discussed how Couples for Christ started in Bermuda. He mentioned the dedication of the members that made the CFC community grow in service and love. In connection to this, Bishop Kurtz and Fr. Joe Palubeski accepted an award to highlight the community’s appreciation for their support and guidance through the years, presented by Mrs. Concon Sardovia and Mrs. Evelou Mosley.

Dinner followed and the Berkeley Cafetorium was filled with the music from the Crossroads band. The vocalist, Mrs. Lorie Autor sang their new song entitled “Would You Be A Star.” Shortly thereafter, the CFC Bermuda Country Coordinator, Mr. Frank Nuguid, also gave his message on the CFC Bermuda history and introduced the event’s guest speaker, Mr. Rouquel Ponte, the CFC International Council and Director of International Missions. In his speech, Mr. Rouquel Ponte shared his international missions and approach of evangelization to prepare CFC on its 30th year. “Put Christ in the center,” he stressed.

After the delivered speeches, the music videos of the Handmaids of the Lord was played on the big screen, showing its members growing in number as well as the old and new faces of its ministry. Leadership awards were then given to Mr. and Mrs. Rouquel and Nina Ponte, Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Marissa Nuguid, Mr. Ben Dimaano, Dr. Carmelo Nagamos and Mrs. Ces Nagamos, and Mr. and Mrs. Ricky and Ian Cayetano. Leadership awards were presented by Mr. Warren Smith and Ms. Bernadette Villareal.

Loyalty awards were also given to Sisters Arlene Alejandrino, Mel Dangl, Evelou Mosley, Helen Prevendido, Consuelo Cabaguio, Jorena Arenas, Marivick Katigbak, Fely Dimaano, and Brother Evin Mosley, presented by Mr. Jarsen de Leon and Ms. Yarril Nangcas. Awards for Fraternal Leaders were accepted by Sister Evelou Mosley, Mr. and Mrs. Ernst and Mel Dangl, Mr. and Mrs. Jun and Rowena Gundran, and Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Lorie Autor, presented by Mr. George Ferreira and Ms. Jackie Dy.


Following the awarding was the showing of the Couples for Christ’s music video. Then, presenters Mr. Self Hamac and Ms. Ronette Maquiling took the stage for the Special Recognition Award: Bermuda’s Top 100 Women for the past 100 years. These awards were selected by the Bermuda Government through the Department of Human Affairs who carefully selected Mrs. Evelou Mosley and Mrs. Lorie Autor.


Eventually, the music video of the Singles for Christ Family Ministry invaded the screen. Its humor captured everyone’s attention. Soon after, the celebration ended with a praisefest led by Mr. Jay Autor. Indeed, it was the night of the shining armor of God.


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