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Christ’s Green Rangers Bag Crown

By Jay Autor

With strong serves and several aces, the Green Team of the 2010 Couples For Christ (CFC) Bermuda Sportsfest, bullied all their opponents in a convincing volleyball match to win the finale of the whole day’s festivities and eventually took the right to be called the 2010 CFC Bermuda Sportsfest Champion Team.


Mat and Fleur Piamonte, team leaders of the Green Team who called themselves Christ’s Green Rangers happily accepted the unofficial results announced by George Ferreira, the overall Sportsfest Coordinator, at the Clearwater Beach Resort where the event was held on June 20, 2010. With this year’s theme “Fullness in Life, Power in Christ,” more than 60 CFC Bermuda members and guests attended the annual occasion. CFC Bermuda started the Sportsfest tradition in 2008, making it CFC’s 3rd Annual Sportfest this year.

Alona Magbujos, the overall games coordinator, facilitated most of the games assisted by game masters, while Self Hamac led the officiating team. The other three teams composed of members from various Family Ministries were the Yellow Team’s Power Kickers led by Martin and Laila Burke, the Blue Team’s JC’s Army led by Louie and Nina Cuarentas, and the Red Team’s The Redemptors led by Al and Mary Reposo.


The sunny day was filled with competitive energy between the four teams playing beach games, sand games, and even board games under the shade of a tree. New games introduced this year included cup balancing relay, limbo rock, modified frisbee, sand rolling relay, sand castle building, and modified amazing race. Ice breakers such as Hep Hep Hurray which was popularized by a Filipino noontime show proved to be a good start to boost the teams’ competitiveness throughout the day. The game was won by Lorelie Autor who confessed that she occasionally plays the game every time she goes back to the Philippines for vacation.


The cheering competition proved to be the most entertaining activity. Al and Mary Reposo’s The Redemptors won the cheering contest by introducing a variety mix of chants, ballroom dances, raps, songs, and mini-acrobatics.


Although team competitiveness was evident in all the games played, George Ferreira reminded everyone during his opening remarks, that the event was an avenue to exercise patience, understanding, sportsmanship, and love in the midst of clean competition.


The Sportsfest was a success because of the following who selflessly served in the event:


Sportfest Coordinator: George Ferreira

Assistant Sportfest Coordinator: Len Niere

Food Coordinator: Arlene Alejandrino

Transportation Coordinator: Dennis Marquez

Setup Coordinator: Mat Piamonte

Technical Coordinator: Jay Autor

Cleanup Coordinator: Martin Burke

Games Coordinator: Alona Magbujos

Registration Coordinator: Crystal Calibo

Awards Coordinator: Cathy Visaya

Multimedia Coordinator: Eisen Romero

Officiating Coordinator: Self Hamac

Medical Coordinator: Jenneth Marquez


Several other volunteers were instrumental in helping out under the committees mentioned above.


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