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Deepening the Prayer Life by Yarril Nangcas

One of the goals of Couples for Christ- Bermuda (CFC) members is to have a consistent prayer life. To support this, CFC conducted a whole day retreat entitled “How to Deepen Your Prayer Life” last March 5, 2011 at the St. Theresa Cathedral in Hamilton , with the help of CFC International Council Leader Brother Rouquel Ponte and his wife, Sister Niña Ponte.

The retreat dealt with three types of prayer: vocal, mental and contemplative prayer. The background, purpose and structure of these prayers were discussed in the morning session while a workshop was conducted in the afternoon session. Vocal prayer is done during community praise and worship, lectio divina, and when we speak to Christ in our private prayers. Mental prayer is when we try to listen to God more and paint a picture of ourselves as we hear the Gospel being read, while contemplative prayer is when we simply offer our mind, heart, and soul to God in deep silence without asking or analyzing at all - just simply being with the Lord. Some of the 27 CFC members who attended were able to share their experiences during the afternoon workshop.

To quote Sister Niña: “the more we pray, the more we and Jesus Christ go together until we are one with Christ – until we manifest Christ.“ All CFC members were encouraged to apply what they’ve learned from the workshop and consistently pray so as to radiate Christ in their everyday lives.


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