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Fishers of Men By Rogellane Ofiaza

The Couple’s for Christ (CFC) Bermuda and its Family Ministries recently finished three consecutive Sunday afternoons of Christian Life Program (CLP) on May 31, June 7, and June 14, 2009. The CLP is basically an integrated course intended to lead the participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Christians. In the essence of time, the twelve core sessions of the CLP were compressed into 25-minute talks by the speakers conducted by the various leaders and members of CFC Bermuda. This was a way to evangelize the Good News of Christ and be fishers of men. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin and Mary Reposo led the service as the CLP Team Leaders.

On the first Sunday of the CLP, there were a total of six talks provided to the participants. The CLP started with a brief orientation by Brother Jay Autor. For Talk 1, Brother Self Hamac from the Singles for Christ (SFC) laid the foundation of the CLP by talking about “God’s Love.” This was followed by an informative Talk 2 on “Who Is Jesus Christ” given by Brother Dennis Marquez. Talk 3 which was about “What It Means To Be A Christian” was rousingly given by Sister Evelou Mosley of the Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD). Talk 4 which focused on “Repentance & Faith” was delivered with much insight by Brother Hanny Consolacion from the SFC. After the fourth talk, the participants and members had a chance to discuss the earlier talks given. The eye-opening Talk 5, given by Brother Louie Cuarentas from the SFC, was centered on the topic of “The Christian Ideal: Loving God”. This was followed by an enlightening Talk 6 on “Loving Your Neighbor” conducted by Sister Rowena “Weng” Gundran from CFC.  

For the second Sunday of the CLP held last June 7, 2009, at the St. Michael’s Parish Hall, the next five talks were given. Before the start of the talks, Sister Line Inocencio of the SFC gave an exceptional presentation on Vocal Praising. The inspirational Talk 7, which is about “The Christian Family,” was given by Brother Al and Sister Mary Reposo from CFC. The next three talks were given by women from SFC. Sisters Jackie Dy, Lyco Cacaldo, and Eisen Romero, gave poignant talks on the following topics: “Life in the Holy Spirit;” “Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit;” and, “Growing in the Spirit.” After Talk 8, the participants and members were grouped together by their various Family Ministries to discuss Talks 5 to 8. Moreover, during this CLP session, the participants were baptized with the Power of the Holy Spirit, so the participants could receive the full experience of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Finally, the last talk for this CLP session, which is regarding “The Life and Mission of the CFC,” for that afternoon was lively delivered by Brother Aljer Sanchez of the Servants of the Lord (SOLD).


The last Sunday of the CLP was held at the St. Theresa’s Parish Hall with a stirring Talk 12 about “Transformation in Christ” conducted by Brother Jun Gundran from the CFC. The participants who finished the CLP were invited to join CFC. For the recently concluded CLP, there were a total of twelve participants who were committed as new members of CFC and its Family Ministries. This was followed by short and entertaining presentations from the new members.


Completing the CLP is just the beginning of a process of growth and transformation in Christ. And in behalf of CFC Bermuda, we would like to welcome all of the new members to the CFC Bermuda Family!


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