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For The Lord's Service by Yarril Nangcas

As a continued response to the Catholic Church's call for stewardship, on November 15, 2009, the Couples for Christ and Family Ministries ("CFC"), together with ANswering the Cry of the Poor (“ANCOP”) volunteers, had its second Social Ministry activity for the year by volunteering to paint Bermuda's Physical Abuse Center ("Center"). A total of 33 CFC members and ANCOP volunteers participated in painting the bedrooms and sitting area of the Center. Upon arriving at the area, the volunteers noticed that the Center is an old building which clearly has not been repainted for a couple of years.

 The painting activity started at eight-thirty in the morning and ended at four in the afternoon. The participants were split into six groups. Five groups painted the bedrooms and one group painted the sitting area. The painting entailed scraping off the old and chipping paint from the walls and applying a waterproof base paint and coats of white paint on both the walls and the ceiling. The base coat and white paint were donated by Pembroke Paint and the painting supplies were donated by Bermuda Paint.

The director of the Center was visibly touched by the number of volunteers and expressed her tear-filled gratitude for the extent of the work done as the Center does not have the funds to hire professional painting services for the house. As the Stewardship Song goes: "O make us faithful stewards of Your Bounty; Give us the grace to bring your love to Birth; We place our TIME, our TALENT and our TREASURE....All at your service, God of all the Earth."

CFC would like to thank the organizers and the volunteers for offering their time and talent to perform this good work for the Lord. The Lord is certainly happy with the work that was done.


Note: If you would like to help or donate to the Physical Abuse Center, please contact Christine Marquez, CFC Bermuda Social Ministry Head, or send us a note through this website.


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