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Love...Love...Love by Yarril Nangcas

Couples for Christ ("CFC") Bermuda conducted a whole day event entitled "Love Forum" for members of the Singles for Christ ("SFC") in Bermuda on March 6, 2010 at the St Theresa Hall in Hamilton, Bermuda. Elders from Canada, namely Brother Gerry and Sister Lilet Raffiñan and Brother Frank and Sister Marisa Nuguid, were the speakers for the forum.


The forum was divided into six talks: Up Close and Personal, Flirting with Failure, Loving the Women in SFC, Loving the Men in SFC, Issues in Courtship and Heart of a Winner.  

First, Up Close and Personal, presented by Brother Gerry, showed the basic physical and behavioral differences between men and women. In Flirting with Failure, presented by Brother Frank, the dangerous desires (the 4P's) - pleasure, possession, power and popularity that make men and women susceptible to sin were discussed.


Loving the Women/Men in SFC, presented by Brother Gerry and Sister Lilet, included tips for men and women on how to behave toward the other sex in different levels of a relationship, from friendship, to courtship, to engagement. 

Issues in Courtship was facilitated by Sister Marissa. The participants presented their views and opinions on important issues like long distance and prolonged relationships, public displays of affection, being in love, etc. The participants' opinions were further supplemented by CFC's teachings on these issues.


Lastly, the Heart of a Winner, presented by Brother Frank, encouraged the participants to strive for the characteristics of a winner's heart (the 4C's) - conviction, courage, confidence and commitment.

Overall, it was a day filled with laughs and camaraderie mixed with important lessons and shared experiences on the subject that single men and women are most interested in - LOVE!


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