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People Gathered Not in Fear, but in Faith

By Mary Reposo

May 3, 2009 - The Couples for Christ (CFC) Bermuda held its monthly Prayer Assembly at the St. Theresa's Cathedral Hall on Sunday afternoon with the theme, "Faith and Fear." Once again, the members and guests of the CFC community who came to gather exchanged greetings to one another and shared their appetite when a simple lunch was served before the Prayer Worship.

The Prayer Assembly formally started with an uplifting gathering song, “Victory to our King,” followed by praise and worship songs to honor and glorify their Majestic Creator, led by the Music Ministry. There were also prayers of thanksgiving and supplication. The prayer leader, Brother Jay Autor, talked about the theme which was "Faith and Fear." He said that faith and fear are both expectations and feelings as well. Fear creates the things that people are afraid of and also gives them negative thoughts. Faith, in contrast, makes people believe that things they expect or feel will happen. He further explained the three steps of faith, "First, see the dream by having a clear vision of it and by feeling it. Second, sow the dream by acting on it and by fulfilling it. Third, surrender your dream to God by entrusting it to Him, then relax and wait to be blessed as Jesus puts it, Lord, not my will but Yours be done."


After the short talk, personal sharing and testimonies were heard from Sisters Cathy, Charlene, Jackie, Arlene, Mary, Evelou, Eisen, Ness, and Brother Ernst. The sharing of how they encountered fear and faith in difficult and hard times gave way to a new outlook in life for everybody who listened to them. Fr. Joseph Palubeski, CFC Spiritual Director, also added his explanation of fear that could as well lead to anger that may worsen any difficulty when not overcome. This was also in-line with Tita Mot’s reading taken from Isaiah 43:1-3a as she read, "So fear not, be bold."

Every Prayer Assembly gives new meaning to life in the CFC community. With the presence of invited friends and the special appearance of Sister Luz, a CFC Handmaids of the Lord member who already left Bermuda but is back in the Island for a visit, the assembly was filled with mixed emotions. Many were moved when her niece from the U.S. came to see her in Bermuda and also gave a heartwarming testimony about their relationship. The birthday and anniversary celebrants were prayed over for blessing and guidance. To top it all, Sister Lorelie Autor was given a surprise baby shower which was also packed with gifts and best wishes for her and her husband, Brother Jay, who are expecting for their first baby. Everyone in the CFC community believes that God is good all the time. The Prayer Assembly was a success.


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