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Pray With God, Play With God

By Jay Autor

An earlier forecasted windy weekend didn’t deter Couples for Christ (CFC) Bermuda and its Family Ministry members from pushing through with the 2nd Annual CFC Bermuda Sports fest. Holding the event at Clearwater Beach Resort on July 5, 2009, more than 60 members of the CFC Bermuda Community and their guests joined the event with the theme "Moving Forward: United in Service." An SFC (Singles for Christ) member explained, “We don’t just pray with the Lord, we also play and enjoy with Him.”

Led by the over-all sports fest coordinators Jarsen de Leon and Melissa Pedrera, the CFC Bermuda Community flocked the venue at about 10:30 in the morning. Sports fest Couple Coordinators Alvin and Mary Reposo started with a welcome address stressing the importance of sportsmanship and the promotion of love and unity during the games. “It is important to remember that we are here in the spirit of love in the midst of competition,” Mary Reposo reiterated.

Without delay, each team with randomly assigned members (Red Team – Forward Unit; Blue Team – United Roaring Tigers; Green Team – Shamrock; Yellow Team – Buklod) went straight to practice for the much anticipated cheerleading contest. It was a competition where HOLD (Handmaids of the Lord) members are seen doing cartwheels, formation of human triangle, and exhibition moves where brothers are being thrown by sisters, while other sisters catch them on the other end. These were the extra-ordinary moves that mesmerized the judges making Team Forward Unit achieve a landslide victory for the cheerleading competition.

With the weather cooperating, deviating from earlier forecasts of rain, a Scavenger Hunt was conducted althroughout the day until the end of the last game. Several other games were played including Chase and Grab the Snake’s Tail, Modified Touch Ball, Tug-of-War, Fill-up Relay, Modified Triathlon (Swim, Sack Race, Sprint), and the 3-on-3 Beach Volley Ball which was won by the United Roaring Tigers who were also the eventual over-all champions. CFC Spiritual Director, Fr Joseph Palubeski, who attended the event, enjoyed watching the games and cheering for the players. The formal awarding will take place during the Prayer Assembly to be held on August 9, 2009.

With the intention of having fellowship with the brothers and sisters, and exercising the virtues of sportsmanship and humility, the CFC Bermuda Community started their first sports fest in August of last year at the same venue. This year’s sports fest aims to continue this tradition showing to the world that the CFC Bermuda Community does not just pray with God, but also knows how to play with clean fun for the Lord. Everyone is looking forward to the same fun and excitement for next year’s sports event.


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